Adventures: Primary Mathematics Book 1

Adventures: Primary Mathematics – Book 1 is the sister text of the first book in Carlong’s Adventures series, Adventures: Primary Language Arts... more info

Adventures: Primary Mathematics Book 2

Adventures: Primary Language Arts – Book 2 (APLA – Book 2) is a comprehensive language arts and literacy textbook with an accompanying audio CD... more info

Carlong Assessment Tests: Interpreting Graphs, Tables and Charts

This workbook enables pupils to analyse, evaluate and draw conclusions from data presented in a variety of formats: grids, tables, maps, pictographs,... more info

Carlong Further Multiple Choice Assessment Tests - Mathematics

A series of three multiple-choice workbooks with tests that provide valuable practice for pupils sitting the GSAT in Jamaica or CEE in other regional... more info

Carlong Numeracy Skills

Gateway to Numeracy: Carlong Numeracy Skills is the companion text to Carlong Literacy Skills. It prepares students for the critical Jamaican Grade 4... more info