Delivery time: Can vary from the 2-5 business day (holidays and weekends are not included)
Please allow 1-2 days to process your orders and this is not part of the delivery time
Delivery options will be a bike, post office, Knutsford express, or using another courier service. Please note the delivery time may take longer. Delivery cost will be between $600 JMD to $2000 JMD* will be up to 10 lbs, each additional lb will cost $80 JMD. Kindly note conditions apply. Please give us a call

Refund: All orders should be canceled within 24 hours for a full refund.

Conditions of refund: Shipping and Delivery charges will be deducted. Books must be in excellent condition unless otherwise. Please see refund policy

All returns shall be sent via traceable means and the customer is responsible for the return charges

Because we do not stock all books and rely heavily on the Publishing company, there are additional factors that will delay delivery time such as:

items on backorder

Pre-orders/Not yet published (NYP): Titles that have not yet been published and will be dispatched as soon as available

Print on Demand (POD): Titles that are not kept in stock and will be printed once your order has been processed.

Shipments held at customs, extreme weather conditions, acts of GOD

Please note: Delivery times may vary due to the use of local postal services, Knutsford express or national holidays.

If you wish for home or office delivery that would be an additional cost and will delay the delivery time, please indicate and some will contact you on the final delivery cost. Conditions Apply…

Prices are subject to change without notice, due to the changes in the exchange rate.